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GTX780 Ti Announced!

NVIDIA’s news day apparently isn’t over just yet, as the company just revealed a new graphics card: the NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti. It’s apparently hitting retail shelves this November, and it’s just one step below the company’s super high-end GPU, the Titan. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang didn’t offer many specifics on the new graphics card, instead choosing to leave it to reviewers who are apparently receiving units any day now. We’re gonna go ahead and call it safe to assume that this is a pretty powerful little card, but we’ll get some hands-on time in the coming hours with any luck!


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Call of Duty – Ghosts

Call of duty once again battles the BF series this November.

Whats your favourite? 

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FIFA 14 – out now!



Have you got it? Are you going to get it? Let us know



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Battlefield 4


So the Beta has finished.



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Crysis 3 – Open Beta

Crysis 3 is currently in open Beta. Below is a short gameplay video to show you what to expect

Played the Beta? Let us know your thoughts.

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Battlefield 3 End Capture the flag trailer

Dice has recently released a teaser trailer for their up and coming DLC End Game, have a look:

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