Titanfall PC 25.00 at Origin EA Store
Titanfall PC 25 at Origin EA Store
enfluenceenfluencefound 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Thought I'd share the ways of getting this game for less than the ridiculous asking price!

First off you want Hola, the add on for Firefox or Google.

Set the unblockers region to Mexican then go to the origin

main site and type in Titanfall (doesn't have to be spelt in mexican!)

Click the big orange button that takes you to the next page! (it's just a buy now and next button)

You can use your own paypal but make sure you use a mexican address otherwise you'll be charged extra. I usually just google Mexican Hotels and that works fine for me!

Warning: This may or may not stop your ability to buy from the UK WEBSITE of Origin but not on the program or from the same method again, only from the uk website.

You will not be banned from the game for this.