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    5.2.14 ts

    Andy, Nuzz, Becks and Ste

    Oh God, thereís loads of em. Iím out of food. I tried to get them in that gap. WellÖ. Thank you Ste! I canít get my men out. Youíre getting slaughtered. Iíve done something really stupid. Fine bro. [insert long loud burp from Ste] Keep it open!! You should be able to force close. Stupid fucking stupid. Ugh..Iím not gonna hold off. Whatís the plan dave? I dunno what nuzz is doing. Iím gonna lose my men shortly. Iím trying to clear it out. He gets close to mine. Me? Iíll have that. Iíve got wooden food. Wooden food? Whatís on display? Why do you need me there to eat Dave? What would we do like? I donít know. Cheerís bro. I canít pay for anything though. That was easier than I thought. I got a wedding dress. Dave got married last week to his dog. Dave. Yup. Donít worry about it. FUCK OFF. Iím just attacking. Fuck it. Is it? Alright..I didnít realize. Can somebody attack the .. Can somebody just attack?!! Thatís code name for food. I can give nuzz more men. Actually I think I could do those bastards. Andy, Iíll buy you the time you need. AndyÖ..Build a gate you bastard!!! Stupid fuck. Not you, My guy. Upgrade accuracy bro. Youíre gonna have to wait to came dave. God Damnit. You can concentrate on something else. Thatís fine bro. Oh, come on!! This isnít hard. YeahÖÖAnother one bites the dust. Uhhhhh, what the hell? Andy can youÖ.ehhhhÖ. I was thinking about asking you to build a wall and put it in. Donít think it would be a good idea. No. I suppose. Yeah, Iím struggling. Deposit size. I could clear that tunnel out. OH FUCK OFF!!! You Crazy!!?! Dave eventually, itís gonna go down. Youíll be needed. When I get 2 seconds Iíll build a gated one. Youíve been quite lucky havenít you?.. Iím a disadvantaged child. Here I gooooÖFeel free to pillage theirs. Dave, you? Ummm.. Definitely will be coming. I CAN fucking rape those bastards. Ohh, ok, hangon. You wanna do it dave? Yeah, K K K. Fingers are ON THE delete button. So you can charge up the middle. OK, GO!! Reach for the tiny hole dave. Thatís can fit. Only part of you is in. Hurry up. FUCK YOU! Iím nearly all in. Youíre not coming back. I know Iím not coming back. BASTARD. Anyone else need anything? I want cheese. Iím nearly dead. Thing is, theyíre like all nudged together. Yeah right. Donít give me that bullshit. Fucking took me like 20 weeks. Calm yourself down. Daveís destroyed my enemy. I was having fun with these guys? Can I join the fun? I never have to do anything. Cheers Andy. Ridiculous. Give it up Ste! No. Jesus Christ. What the fuck Ste? Youíre a prick. Do you wanna come here? Oh for gods sake. Loliís good at that, but we donít like it. IíM NOT SURE WHO TO BE?! I need direction. Wasted. Wasted. Wasted. No. Yes. We aren't starting again. I'm not prepared for this. YES. Come on Turkeys...come to me. I AM THE EGG MAN. I AM THE WALRUS.

    I fucked up. Bros.

    We've lost.

    You're a turkey. I don't like turkey. I like turkey dinosaurs. Why don't you like turkey? He's British, oh God! Pay me! Sorry, What?? We've got a problem. Fckn turkeys. I don't know what I'm doing. This is bad. Why don't you have, ...what??? Fuck.. Just wasted. Fckning clever bastards. I tried to cheat. What? It didn't work. Doesn't it? British Bro!! Neutral Zone. OHHHHHHH NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE. MY GOD!!!

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    Oh My Fucking God!

    I genuinely would not be surprised if you guys were doing each other.

    Can I join?
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